Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled

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The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled
Meeting Minutes / August 1, 2018

The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, August 1, 2018 at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.  Those in attendance were: (Commission Members*)

Mike Courtney*  /  Heather Weeks  /  Lisa Jenkins
Barbara Hattier*  /  Jim Flora  /  Quo Williams
Amber Stevens  /  Jacindia Holt  /  Ida Lockette

Those members not in attendance: Michael Davis, Minnie Walker, Nancy Robinson, Carolyn Greene, Sister Lucindia Claghorn and Vickery Jones.


Barbara Hattier called the meeting to order.

Minutes from the July 2018 meeting were distributed.  Without a quorum present, Ms. Hattier will send the minutes electronically to board members for approval. 


There were no representatives from either Wave Transit or Mobile Bay/Yellow Cab.

Ms. Hattier did report that she and Jim Flora attended the recent Transit Awareness Day held at the Harmon-Thomas Recreation Center.  There were lots of activities including a "stroll off," Wave Transit's Junior All-Stars vs. Patriots Wheelchair Basketball Team, and a basketball game between two fraternities.

It was a good day and lots of participation.  Ms. Hattier added that she had the opportunity to meet Michael Chinn, the new general manager of the Wave Transit.

Regarding the incident with a consumer and Yellow Cab, Ms. Hattier reported that she spoke with Amelia Easterling.  She said that she and Ms. Wilcox had a conversation with the driver in question and spoke to him about the issues that arose from this ride.  She will also investigate about the extra charges.  Ms. Easterling stated that the $90 charged to Mike Courtney two years ago was credited to his credit card.  However, Mr. Courtney insists that the credit was never given.  It was suggested that we talk to Yellow Cab and find out why this $45.00 charge seems to be a common occurrence.  And what is the complaint procedure, is it on their website?


Mike Courtney said there has not been any updates to the website.  Ms. Hattier thought she had sent the May and June corrected minutes.  But she will go back and check her email.


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