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The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled
Meeting Minutes / February 7, 2018

The MACD met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.  Those in attendance were: (Commission Members*)

Jim Flora  /  Carolyn Greene*  /  Barbara Hattier*  /  Eureka Baker
Amber Stevens  /  Quo Williams  /  Lisa Jennings  /  Minnie Walker*
Sister Lucindia Claghorn*  /  Alexandria Jenkins

Those members not in attendance: Michael Davis, Vickery Jones, Mike Courtney, and Nancy Robinson.


Barbara Hattier called the meeting to order.

Minutes for the January 2017 meeting were approved as submitted.


Wave Transit - Doris Howard reported for the Wave.  Ms. Howard distributed the ridership report.

-  There are no new news.  In January there were 7,000 rides and the system is constantly getting new applications. 
-  During the Mardi Gras season, fixed routes will work around parades.  Other changes will be posted on the Wave's website.
-  RealTime App is progressing well.  Updates of signage is being done by routes.  With code given at each stop, you will be able to find out time of the next bus. Ms. Howard will invite Ms. Shepherd, the coordinator for the program, to one of our next meetings. 
-  The Wave still services these areas in Prichard as follows.  In addition, the paratransit service will continue up to ¾ mile from these stops.  Wilson Avenue to Vigor High School and Eight Mile to McDonalds, these stops are on the route to the Prichard Hub.

Mobile Bay/Yellow Cab - There was no representation from Mobile Bay/Yellow Cab.


There was no website report.


Ryan's Park for Mardi Gras Viewing - Ms. Hattier read a report from Don Rose regarding the Ryan's Park preparations:

-  The Parks Department coordinated placement of bleachers and accessible portable restrooms.
-  There is no plan for signage or enforcement.
-  He feels that Ryan's Park may be convenient for some and not others.
-  There is no access to bleachers and no dedicated accessible parking.
-  However, there are many other accessible locations along the streets and sidewalks that line parade routes.
-  Steering people to Ryan's Park as more accessible may not be of the best service to those persons.  It could easily lead them somewhere that's overcrowded with no parking. 

Ms. Hattier stated that in years past, we discussed signage and ramps with city officials.  However, with this report from Mr. Rose, we may need to rethink Ryan's Park for people with disabilities.  It was also noted that the park is dark with many tree roots.  This is difficult to navigate for people with low vision/blind, people with mobility issues, wheelchair users, etc. 

Ms. Hattier informed the group that the registration for the Alabama Disability Conference, March 5-7, 2018 has been extended to February 12.  To register go to Heather Weeks suggested contacting the DD Council for scholarship information.


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