Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled

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The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled
Meeting Minutes / December 5, 2018

The Mobile Advisory Commission for the Disabled met for its regular meeting on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce.  Those in attendance were: (Commission Members*)

Doris Matthews  /  Minnie Walker*  /  Mr. Walker
Don Rose  /  Carolyn Greene*  /  Vickery Jones*
Lisa Jenkins  /  Heather Weeks  /  Jim Flora
Mike Courtney* /  Ida Lockette  /  Barbara Hattier*

Those members not in attendance: Michael Davis, Nancy Robinson and Sister Lucindia Claghorn.


In the absence of Michael Davis, Barbara Hattier called the meeting to order.

November 2018 minutes were approved tentatively with the approval of corrections.  Ms. Hattier will revise and then email to members for approval. 


There was no representation from The Wave Transit or Mobile Bay Transit/Yellow Cab.  However, Gerald Alfred, Director of Planning with the Wave, stopped by to say hello.  He did comment that things are running as usual.  They have recently received 4 new vehicles.

In addition, Don Rose said that the present General Manager with the Wave, Michael Chinn, was to fill this position for only one year.  First Transit will be appointing another GM in the next few months.

Ms. Hattier explained that First Transit is the management company with only the General Manager on site.  All other Wave Transit employees are City of Mobile employees. 


Barbara Hattier will check to see if all minutes are up to date.


Thanksgiving Basket - Barbara Hattier stated that she was able to put together a large basket with a $25.00 gift certificate, a smaller basket with a canned ham and $10.00 gift certificate and was still able to donate a bag to St. Dominic's food drive.  Ida Lockette had suggest A Servants Love, Lisa Davis, to receive the baskets for one of their consumers.  A Servants Love assists senior citizens.  Ms. Davis sent a very nice thank you note.

Additionally, everyone brought scarves, socks, gloves and hats this month to be donated to McKinney Place shelter for women.  Ida and Vickery offered to drop those off.


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